• Begin administering BOARBETTER® post weaning on day 4 (recommended). Earlier application may reduce the wean-to-estrus interval.
  • Ready to use. Do not dilute.
  • Calibrate a garden type or other sprayer to deliver the correct dose.
  • Spray 4 mL of BOARBETTER® onto the female’s snout (directing towards the nostrils) prior to heat check.
  • Use just prior to or instead of normal boar exposure.
  • Apply back pressure test to check for signs of estrus.
  • If using conventional artificial insemination breed the female if she is in standing heat.
  • If using PCAI (post cervical artificial insemination) follow farm specific PCAI breeding protocols.
  • An additional spray can be administered to females while breeding occurs during conventional artificial insemination but after breeding occurs when using PCAI.
  • If sow is not in estrus, repeat treatment daily until estrus occurs.

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