Using BoarBetter with a fogger while checking heat on gilts greatly improved the activity level and therefore increased the number of Heat No Serves found.   WM-OH

The 4 oz. spray can of BoarBetter is a very valuable tool to have in the toolbox of the show pig breeder that doesn’t have a boar around to identify sows in estrous. By spraying on the nose of the sow or gilt it is an immediate response if she is in heat.  DH-IN

Spraying BoarBetter after weaning has allowed us to stop using PG 600 after weaning to get sows to come into Estrous. We have seen an improvement in the number of sows bred by day 7 and also an improvement in Farrowing Rate.  TH-OH

Using BoarBetter on our Berkshire herd has helped us improve farrowing rate and total born. We spray them starting day 1 after weaning and spray them until they show estrous. Usually by day 5-6 compared to before at day 8-9.  BC-OH

The new 500 ml. bottle with sprayer attached to it has eliminated the need to use a hose syringe with bottle holder. It is a lot easier to use and not worry about getting the hose caught on things when crawling over gates, etc. AJ-OH

We used BoarBetter on an offsite breed project and it greatly improved how well the gilts showed estrous and we were able to get Heat no Serves on a larger number of gilts, thus lowering our age at first mating. We feel that by using BoarBetter we were able to hit breed target easier on a weekly basis and we had a better Conception Rate. This allowed the team members to better manage their time and have a great startup.  KS-OH

By spraying BoarBetter on sows in the farrowing rooms right before weaning we were able to find a handful of sows that were cycling early and therefore helped us minimize open days in our herd. FK-MI

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